Safe Sky Charity Fund is an initiative to commemorate the PS752 passengers and crew, the victims of Ukraine International aircraft shot down by a missile on January 8, 2020, in Tehran.

The results of the all-Ukrainian blitz competition to determine the best draft design of a memorial composition dedicated to passengers and crew that were onboard flight PS752, which was shot down by Iranian military missiles

Our goal
Our goal is to stand with the families of the deceased and provide maximum support to the next of kin of the PS752 pilots, flight attendants, and Ukrainian passengers.
Safe Sky Charity Fund will do its utmost to prevent similar tragedies in the years to come while ensuring that passengers and crew are safe and secure aboard.
Our priority tasks
Endorsing the initiative of building a park in memoriam of the PS752 passengers and crew in the Verbovyy Gai park in the Dnieprovskyy district of Kiev;
Support for families of deceased Ukrainians;
Initializing substantive steps on enhancing the safety and security of civil aviation in Ukraine and globally.
Anna Mishchenko
CEO Safe Sky, CEO Convergo Event and Celebrity Marketing
Lev Bondarenko
Public Relations and Media Technologies expert, analyst
Kateryna Odarchenko
Political consultant, Partner SIC Group Ukraine, Member of International association of political consultants (IAPC), President of Institute for democracy and development PolitA
Business consolidation
One of the Fund's key functions is consolidating the aviation industry to improve the efficiency of decision-making on issues relating to aviation safety and security and informing the public on the investigation into the causes of the PS752 flight tragedy.
Safe Sky aims at contributing to better cooperation of aviation businesses, governmental bodies, and international institutions, lobbying timely and necessary changes to legislation both on legislative and executive levels. Such changes may address the issues of life insurance of passengers and crew, ensuring the safety and security of civil aircraft and flight operation, etc.
Serhiy Zhadan
Ukrainian poet, novelist, essayist, and civic leader
Orest Sokhar
Journalist, analyst, managing editor of Obozrevatel Internet Holding
Gennadiy Chyzhykov
President of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an expert in international business
Oleh Skrypka
Ukrainian musician, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and civic leader
Rostyslav Kisil
Founder and President of Global Postal and Logistics Group Meest
Oleg Malinevskiy
Counselor, Partner at EQUITY Law Firm, Vice President of Litigation Committee at Ukrainian Advocates' Association
Gagik Nersesian
Audit and Business Development Partner, Founder of Baker Tilly Ukraine
To representatives of the media
"Dear colleagues, you may contribute to fundraising by ensuring the project's publicity and share information on our initiative in social media.
You may also publish a news piece on the Safe Sky fundraising initiative and disseminate it via any communication channel convenient for you."

Anna Mishchenko
CEO Safe Sky
We appreciate the Safe Sky partners' support.
You may contact us for further information and news.
Phone: +38 063 287 50 06
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