Six months since the death of flight PS 752

Six months have passed since the terrible tragedy that stir up the world community. The transience of time is powerlessin the face of human memory...

In the morning of January 8, 2020, Ukraine International Airlines' plane crashed shortly after departure from Tehran, the capital of Iran.
There were 176 people on board: 167 passengers and 9 crew members. Among them, 11 were Ukrainian - two passengers and nine crew members, 82 citizens of Iran, 63 - of Canada, 10 - of Sweden, 4 - of Afghanistan, and also 3 citizens of Germany and Great Britain. Most passengers were flying to Canada to study and work after New Year holidays in Iran.

At first, Iranian authorities stated that the aircraft crashed because of technical reasons, denying that the plane was shot down. At the same time, a number of leaders from another countries, referring to intelligence data, claimed that the plane was shot down by Iranian Air Defense Forces.
3 days after the tragedy, Iranian authorities admitted that PS752 was shot down by air defense forces as a result of a “human error” in a situation of high military alert related to a possible US response to Iran’s missile attack on US military in Iraq.
However, the official investigation is not yet completed. Till now, flight data recorders have not been analyzed.

The crash of PS752 was the largest in the history of Ukrainian aviation.

On January 19, the bodies of the killed Ukrainians came back home ...
No video frames can convey the depth of grief and mental devastation of this day. Our pain was shared by thousands of caring people - representatives of business, culture, and art. Their efforts the “Safe Sky” Foundation was created.

40 days after the death of PS 752 flight, UIA together with Boryspil Airport installed a memorial stone that became a a place of power for all the UIA aviation family. A place where pilots are allowed to cry and wish the deceased cilleagues a good flight. As the crews do not die, they just go on an perpetual flight.

The crew and the passengers will always live in our memory and in the lines of singer Seryoga (Sergey Parkhomenko) poem dedicated to the memory of PS752 flight, that was shot down in the sky over Tehran.
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